Positive psychology offers the world of coaching something very special – an evidence based framework and a rich toolkit of interventions that have been proven in their effectiveness.

Whether you are a manager with coaching responsibilities, or a full time coach, we offer you the chance to broaden your learning, extend your coaching toolkit and understand how to incorporate positive psychology into your day to day coaching. You can choose an intensive programme or take the certified route. Equally, you can take a 2 day intensive course in Strengths Based Coaching. Read below what it entails and what our clients say.

Coaching with Positive Psychology

The Foundations Masterclass is our flagship programme, offering coaches and clients a unique and stimulating journey through the world of positive psychology. Run over two days and containing six 'labs' (so called because positive psychology is still in an experimentation mode!), the programme explores:

  1. Understanding Happiness (the essence, the pathways and the barriers)
  2. Using, exploring and developing Strengths
  3. Enriching Positive Emotions
  4. Building Resilience, Hope and Optimism
  5. Investing in Relationships and developing high quality connections
  6. Finding a positive direction in life and aligning your goals, values and motivation

How does the programme run?

The programme runs across an intensive 2 days! It is ideal for coaches who want to use the full range of positive psychology interventions, understand the theory behind the exercises and, through a lot of practical work, feel confident, capable and credible with clients.

Leadership and Performance

This 2 day intensive programme explores the link between leadership, performance and positive psychology. An ideal follow on from the Foundations Masterclass, it is designed for coaches who want to help their clients explore their full potential as a leader.

Strengths Based Coaching

New 1-day Strengths Based Masterclass
[Download agenda as PDF]

A 2 day introduction to strengths based coaching. Coaches will firstly gain a personal insight into their own strengths and then understand how to apply and utilise this learning with clients. Using our unique ‘StrengthsREADer’ approach, the course covers:

With our in house strengths based coaching model, strengths coaching cards and extensive practice and interactive exercises across the 2 days, you will feel able to immediately incorporate the learning into everyday practice straight after the course.

Read our Strengths Based Coaching case study here.

What can positive psychology do for your clients?

In the research we have done, here are the top four factors clients have told us they have gained from working with us. For a detailed look at the research, download our dissertation.


“In some ways it is quite difficult to explain how enormously this coaching has positively impacted on my life. In simple terms, it has enabled me to see things in a much more realistic and positive way than ever before, in particular my relationships with people at work.”

“Hey, life throws different things at us, so for me this coaching helped me put my mind in a place where you actively look for the positive things around you, things that you've got, and there are plenty of them, you just need to find them. So there is this sort of choice, are you going to find them today or are you going to sit there are think that they are not there?”

“When you read this email please know how by giving your time to working with me, you have so positively touched my life and consequently other people's lives too. It's been what I call a 'starlight' effect...”